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British Blue Cat - Amy

Mabledon British Shorthairs

Amy Passed away November 2014




Princess Amidala

(click on her name for an insight to her name sake)

Named after Star Wars Character - Queen Amidala
Pet name Amy,
Nick names Aimster, naughty cat, meme,



I don't have a favorite toy, toys are too basic for me! I like to get in places my mum dreads, now that's more entertaining!. For instance on top of the shed roof!

Favorite place

Several, I like Any tall scratching pole, high shelf, bed and anywhere I am not supposed to be


Any where I want, after all I am the Boss around here

Funny things

or Party tricks


I am a naughty mischievous girl, when we are let out to play I run up and down the garden mental!. I stand at the side of the lindee loo pen and stare at the top of it, as if I am going to climb it to escape, I never do, but my mum comes running over and picks me up,, I get more cuddles this way,,,,, works every time!!!!!!

Age 14 Years Young when she Died
Colour Blue of course
Status Well if you must know I am a neutered lady!

Yes 2 litters in the past,

..King Aragorn...... .....Lady Pippin...........  .Hobnob and Custard cream...     Lady Miameow...... Lady Arwen.

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Boy friends Men who needs men,
Favored food RC
Favorite human

Not fussy as long as I get picked up and a decent cuddle. I think my Daddy loves me the best.

Although, when mum gets the opportunity its me she picks up everytime.


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