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I am a fully trained/qualified microchip implanter,

I chip small animals, dogs, cats even ferrets and rabbits etc

This page gives you an insight to my Micro chipping services, however I have a designated website with more information.

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Why do we have to Micro chip.......


London, June 2002 - The Government has proposed a scheme where every dog, and eventually every cat, to be identified by either a tattoo or microchip.


When you hear about an owner's heartache when they have lost their pet or the cruelty inflicted through ignorance or just down right maliciousness do you feel sadness, anger or outrage? Good news for good owners - bad news for those that aren't. Identification means accountability. Here we will discuss micro chipping. The GCCF have stated all stud cats due for registering must be micro chipped before they will register him as entire. No kitten from his mating will be registered if he isn't chipped and breeders will be at risk of becoming fined or struck off for failing to adhere to the rules.




The dog or cat should feel no more discomfort from a microchip implant than from a conventional injection. Micro chipping uses Radio Frequency (RFID) technology and cannot be tampered with, fade or be removed. The chip is deposited into the fatty area between the shoulder blades. The needle houses the microchip and is therefore larger than a conventional needle, however, a clever design allows it to incise the skin easily with little discomfort.




Taking Cats and dogs abroad is becoming almost commonplace.


The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS for short) has been in operation for two years and the system is almost becoming smooth! Planning ahead is vital as the process of obtaining a pet passport is not quick, taking an average of 7-8 months. It requires the owner to microchip their dog/cat. (See pet passport page on my website)


The Pet Passport Scheme already stipulates that all dogs and cats entering the UK must be micro chipped. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has issued a statement that appropriately trained non-veterinarians are allowed to microchip dogs and cats.


Each Implanter can act as a mini 're-uniting centre'.

  Using their own scanner and the PetLog database, a quick telephone call could end the misery of someone who has lost a much-loved pet. The good-will generated by such a kind deed will no doubt, be recounted by the thankful owner for years to come  

In June 2004

the GCCF discussed bringing in the rule whereby all stud cats newly registered will have to be  

Micro chipped. This argument has been put on hold for the moment, however will eventually become a requirement along with Micro chipping Queens and further along the line the possibility of chipping your kittens prior to homing.


British Shorthair Blues

Why..Use..Our..Professional Micro..Chipping..Service..?


Our fee is much cheaper than the fees charged by the vet

(Their average price is £25.00)


There is no need to disturb your pet from his own home as we can come to you, this mean less stress for them. (at no extra cost)


Further discounts available for several pets chipped at one booking time & paid for together. A combination of pets will also carry a discount. (Dogs cats ferrets rabbits together etc)


We are hygienic, safe and very gentle, I take great care with your baby so as not create any discomfort
Further discount available for Senior Citizens (oap). Breeders etc.
We only use top quality equipment, microchips and 2 of the best life long data base registries.

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British Shorthair Blues Price List British Shorthair Blues
One animal (ferret/rabbit/cat/kitten/dog/pup) £18.00
Two animals or more £15.00 each

Breeder & OAP rates available

The more you have chipped the less it will be!

£15.00 each or less depending on the number of animals chipped

Further discounts available for several pets chipped at one booking/paid for together. please enquire.

These prices include; Cleansing, chip check, micro chip, chipping tag to show your pet has been chipped, life time registration with Petlog/Petrac.

We use AVID micro chips, we register your details FREE with Petrac

Give me a call to discuss the procedure, especially if your are unsure.

All documentation and training certificates can be seen prior to chipping.

You are present during the whole time of the chipping procedure and I talk you through every step of the way.

For more details ring Julie on 07813 698 505

or email me on

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