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Welcome To Mabledon Kitten Page

British Blue kittens

We haveKittens due

Enquiries Welcome

British Shorthair Blues

if you wish to put your name on our waiting list please email me or if you are interested in visiting our babies when they are old enough please contact me

~::We politely ask that you do not phone before 9.00am or after 8.45pm - Thank you ::~


We limited the Reservations per litter prior to birth to ensure that litters are not 'overbooked'.  If you'd rather wait until the kittens are born we do also hold a waiting list, if any kittens are still available once they have arrived we will email you to let you know.  For further information on reserving a kitten or to go on our waiting list please email me here


We will only consider a kitten “booked” once a deposit has been received, which means the kitten is still avaialble until deposit is received

Recently yet again we have experienced a number of people who have been waiting for a kitten to be ready, during this time they have changed their minds and got a kitten else where as the other kitten was ready sooner. Which is totally fine with us, However, It would have been courteous to tell me of their intentions so I could inform my other interested parties that I Do have kittens available after all.

In some circumstances people have arranged to view and failed to turn up and again did not have the courtesy to let us know. We have a busy schedule bringing up children, kittens and working too. We cannot afford to have our time wasted. I know as breeder we are not on our own in this situation, we all deserve the same courtesy we give prospective new owners.

Only those who have paid a deposit or are on our waiting list will be invited in to our home to view our kittens. I am very sorry but we are never available just for kitten cuddling sessions for something to do on a Sunday afternoon.

We are not a cattery place of business, we breed and show our cats as a hobby, we do not have opening times, and I will always try to accomodate any visits where possible However........

Please note; deposits are non-refundable However I will return deposits if I am unable to provide you with a suitable kitten. This is at my discretion as I dont take deposits on a whim.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my web site especially the kitties and cat photos.

This is how we make them....

British  Blues

Hover your cursor over his photo to see how hes grown

British  Blues

British  Blues

How many kittens can we get into one photo?


British  Blues

Cream Kitten

Blue spotted


Our Kittens are completely reared in a homely environment; born and raised for the first 4-5 weeks in a separate kittening suite away from the rest of the queens and kittens. After 5 weeks they are introduced to the kitten playroom, (they still remain separate from the permanent residents).

None of our kittens or queens venture beyond the runs (except my Neutered cats) and kittens should not venture outside until settled in his or her new home, However, we prefer new owners to keep the new kittens indoors all the time. However we do understand if this is not viable. Keep kitten in for 6 month then when older A secure cat proofed garden is acceptable. If not proofed supervised only . An unsecured garden will not suffice. No cat Flap homes. Sorry.

Our kittens are Micro chipped, GCCF registered or TICA Registered and are ready for new homes at 13 weeks of age. They have full health care and are fully vaccinated against 'cat-flu', enteritis, and leukemia. The new pentofel Vaccination vaccinates against Chlamydia too. We provide kitten packs and free insurance (4 weeks). Food, bowls, litter, trays and scoop and other goodies. (Litter and tray when available) More importantly, we provide essential info and support the new owners require to settle and continue to care for their new arrival as we have done for the past 13 weeks.


:: Click here for our health care details ::


Ever wonder how much profit we make as breeders,

in some cases your question should be IF we make any profit ?

Here is an interesting link, this can give you an idea where your money goes

Take into consideration this article states costs in Dollars, and written in 1999

so costs have increased considerably since then


Article quote

The breeder must pay to register her cattery name with at least one cat association ($50 for CFA to be paid for a five-year registration), must register her new breeding queen ($10), and must register each litter produced ($10). There will be at least one litter per year and at least one kitten kept and registered per year thereafter.

It is £90+ to register for a prefix, and each kitten costs £11 to register.

This is only with GCCF, more costs incurred if you register with TICA, as you have to register each adult cat too.


In summary we have lots of costs for the above and for fresh chicken to wean, older food which is top quality specialised variety, (How much is your average shopping bill for cat food? ask me how much my biscuit bill is each time I place and order!!)  we buy Cimicat-cat milk, litter, have vet checks, vaccinations, registrations these are only for the kittens, don't forget we have the same costs for each cat we own. Also there is the price of the stud fee £200 minimum, fuel to get to stud, vet treatment, c-sections £800, X-rays £50 plus consultation of £28. There are situations where uterus goes into inertia during birth, so calcium and glucose drips with oxytocin which is in excess of £100, hospital stays £20 per day, the list is endless. My vet is very good to me, they take care of me and my cats wonderfully. So if some vet do not have a discount set up with their vets they can expect to pay more.

And last but not least, the endless nights sleeping on the settee waiting for kittens to arrive or hand rearing a newborn or two, its our time confined to house in case the litter arrives unexpected, its the cost of our time and effort and love which really is ....... Priceless.

Its not easy...so why do we do it ? ..... take a look at the babies through out this page and past litters page..........they are addictive!

Besides, we just love cats!





:: Click here for our Photos/details of Past Litters ::






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