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Willowood Storm Chaser

Named after My Breeder named me
Pet name Freddie ( Nick Name is Fab Five Freddie !!!!! )

Favorite toy

Anything that moves.

Favorite place

On a knee or over a shoulder


Any where

Funny things Party tricks

I was a Bra cat as a kitten, I liked to be stuffed down my mums top whilst she does her house work, I sit there with my head poking out over the top of her top. Its the only way she can stop me from crying after her and refrain from stepping on me. Now im too big for that I am an over the shoulder cat.

Age 6 years old
Colour Blue
Status I am a King
Kittens a few
Girl Friends Any lady will do, I am not fussy
Favored food Anything at all. Dont really mind as long as its edible. raw food dental biscuits and Royal Canin
Favorite human Anyone who will pick me up

Photos of Me.....


Baby photo



British Shorthaired Ginger Cat
Updated 15/05/2019