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British Shorthair Blues







(click on her name for an insight to her name sake)

Named after

I'm unique

Pet name


Nick name Is, noisey-cat,



A bright orange fish with a bell in it , I like to run wild around our dinningroom with it in my mouth

Favorite place

Several, I like our square scratching pole, I sleep on it with my friends. it has a faux sheep skin blanket on it, as long as we are together I will sleep anywhere with my pals


I like to sleep on anything put on the table, a box, a bag, a piece of paper, anything !!

Funny things

Party tricks

I stand and meow at the dinning room door for my daddy when he has gone to bed,

I can open the dinning room door too.  I snore loudly too, so I am told!


Who cares when your neutered, i will always be gorgeous! (8)
Colour Blue cream with tipping
Status I was a mum- only once, and now I have been promoted to 'lazy neuter', who will grow fat and old very gracefully! ( not too fat or the vet will get upset with my mummy) I am a HHP show cat and have my Master Class Title.
Kittens Yes One, his name is Mouser, and lives a life of luxury in Hythe, with my best friend Mist.
Boy friends Who needs a man! Woo Hoo, life it good
Favored food ANYTHING!!!!!
Favorite human My dad he says i am the best.... but dont tell the others he has a favourite. I get picked up and get a decent cuddle off daddy. I also love Laps, so as long as they have Lap for me to sleep on I am pleased. Daddy also carries me to bed every night
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Izzie Passed away last year 2018 aged 12 years old

British Shorthair Blues

Updated 09/04/19